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About 1001 Cushions

Online designer cushions for sale in Australia, USA and Singapore

About Us

1001 Cushions pays homage to the humble yet noble cushion. The largest cushion retailer in Asia, the Singapore-based brand is a treasure trove of home decorating inspiration for proud homeowners and resourceful interior designers. Founded by retail veteran Ms Sajni Gill, the COO of dynamic retail group Gill Capital, it represents the distillation of more than three decades of passionate involvement in incubating and operating award-winning lifestyle, fashion and home fashion brands.

As its name suggests, 1001 Cushions carries over 1000 cushions. And nothing else.

When people ask – why cushions, we reply – why not? Given the dearth of choices in the mass market, where cushions are generally confined to a couple of shelves in fashion chain stores, we felt it was high time these unsung heroes of homewares received the star billing they deserve.

Have you ever paused and pondered the special genius of a cushion? It gives comfort, support and companionship, yet expects nothing in return (other than the occasional plumping and careful laundering). It is yielding yet firm, and is equal parts style and substance. This small home accessory can make a big visual impact and create the look of luxe for under a hundred dollars. It can make over a space, liven up a dull corner and set the look and feel of an entire room. It can even pull together all the loose threads of an eclectic décor, focusing the eye and defining the theme.

Lest you dismiss the cushion as a piece of fluff, ponder its history. In Ancient Egypt, these portable padded seats were a status symbol. They were often used to carry precious jewels and regalia. Likewise in Ancient Rome, they conveyed jewels and symbolic items during wedding ceremonies, not unlike the role they play in weddings of today.

Strolling down the timeline, cushions played a part in palace life during the early Middle Ages. While chairs were the preserve of royalty and nobility, the gentry were seated on cushions while the rank and file made do with the floor. Like money and status, a cushion made life, well, more comfortable.

Today, cushions are not the preserve of blue bloods. On the contrary, the beauty of this functional and decorative little soft furniture item is its affordability. Your budget might not stretch to designer furniture, but chances are you can afford a snazzy cushion or three to jazz up your chain store-bought chaise. As smart homemakers know, a few well-chosen cushions can make a so-so sofa look like a million bucks.

Our cushions are thoughtfully priced within the reach of the majority, at below average retail prices, and are currently available in the three key markets of Singapore, Australia and the United States. Locals of these savvy style capitals know it’s not the amount you spend, but how you spend it. There is no substitute for good taste – not even money.

1001 Cushions is a cushion super-store brimming with beautiful, quality pieces sourced from all over the world, as well as exclusive designs that are manufactured to exacting standards. Designs draw on the rich cultures of the East and West, from oriental brocades to classic stripes and chintzy florals. Materials span every textile and texture imaginable, from delicate yet durable silk, cotton and wool blends to shimmering metallics and sequins that can outshine a disco ball.

Designs draw on the rich cultures of the East and West, from oriental brocades to classic stripes and chintzy florals.

Materials span every textile and texture imaginable, from delicate yet durable silk, cotton and wool blends to shimmering metallics and sequins that can outshine adisco ball.

buy online cushions in Singapore, USA and Australia
Selected limited edition designs at 1001 Cushions feature original artwork from accomplished artists, reproduced using advanced printing technology on premium fabrics. Themed collections include the luxurious Raaka gold collection, inspired by ancient India, and the thought-provoking Sachi collection, adorned with witty quips and wise quotes. The Tara collection emanates a Zen vibe with its nature-inspired designs, while the rustic Dakota collection triggers a sense of adventure… There is a cushion for every room, every mood and every personality.

We have rugged, masculine cushions made for a man-cave, cheeky fun ones that would feel right at home in a teenager’s bedroom, and pretty shiny showpieces fit for a little princess’s boudoir. We also regularly launch seasonal collections that capture the distinct poetry of spring, summer, winter and fall, and the festive spirit of cultural celebrations such as Christmas and Chinese New Year. Sexy, funny, posh and retro… We have cushions of every description – in three sizes and multiple colours – at 1001 Cushions.

Please, browse our website and let our cushions carry you away, like a magic carpet, to exotic realms and faraway places. Start your cushion collection cautiously, with just one or two – or take the plunge and curate your own dream team of cushions. Abandon any outdated notions of matching this with that – that’s so dull and limiting. These days, mixing it up is making it your own.

Gift yourself with a cushion or gift your loved ones. Every cushion comes in its own branded drawstring bag, making it handy for gift-giving and ensuring it travels well and reaches you in pristine condition. All our products are filled with quality, hypo-allergenic polyester, sparing you the bother of finding the right cushion insert for your covers.

The journey of 1001 Cushions begins with a single… cushion. Step right up and enter cushion wonderland. Browse and gaze, ooh and aah, mix and match with our unique visualiser tool, choose, shop… and enjoy!

Remember, you can never have too many cushions.

With soft love,

1001 Cushions

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